Explaining Brazilian Protests from an insider

All started with a protest to make the government lower the bus tax. Our public transportation is really bad and expensive, and people went to the streets. Of course, in every protest with lots of people (in the first protest there were 10 thousand people) there are some that start to break old buses and put fire in everything. Police was brutal against the protesters. In the second or third (maybe even since the beginning), they started to shoot rubber bullets at everyone. (Rubber bullets are meant to be shot below the waist, not above it, it is very dangerous to get a rubber bullet in the head) Many reporters were shot in the head, one got blind, some old ladies and girls were shot in the head as well and they were trying to block our constitutional right to protest.

Because of the Military Police, the protests changed into something else. We are so tired of our government stealing every Real (our currency) they can. In Brasília, our stadium was so expensive, it was the most expensive stadium in the world. Some schools and Hospitals had to stop working because of the rules of FIFA. FIFA made a declaration that we have an excess of democracy, and it was bad for business. They are trying to approve some constitutional amendments to give LOTS of power to the Legislative power in order to overcome the Judiciary power. We have some crazy evangelic priest in the presidency of Human Rights Committee in which they approved a law that considers Homosexual people as sick, and they are trying to make a “gay cure”. They approved also a law that denies almost any tentative of abortion, and some fundamentalist Christian politicians are trying even to prevent women that got raped and with risk pregnancy to get an abortion. We have some politicians that were proved guilty and condemned from the biggest corruption scandal in Brazil still working in the congress (and ironically in the Committee of Constitution and Justice). Just to name a few of our problems right now.

So it got viral, AnonymousBrasil hacked some government and world cup websites to show the videos of the brutality of the police. I went to 3 protests in Brasília already, and it started here on Saturday. Police was disproportionally brutal. On Tuesday everything was really peaceful, but on Thursday, yesterday we got 30 thousand people on the streets, so it was impossible to maintain the peace. There’re rumors about someone paying vandals to break stuff and be violence in order to demoralize the peaceful protest. This week the President made an urgent meeting and and also lots of people of the government. Federal District government declared that free transportation may be possible, and finally they are trying to make it 24/7. We are calling it the Vinegar Protests, since some people got arrested for having vinegar with them (Vinegar is an useful thing to use to prevent the pain from pepper spray and gas bombs).

This is the overall. We are doing the protests for LOTS of things, everybody’s angry, and during the protests sometimes can get violent. This is a protest for all Brazilians. Even the police is with us. Lots off police officers are being punished for not following orders and using water spray instead of pepper spray. On Thursday, Police had a poster saying that they support us.

There’s no sign of ending in a near future this protests and most of the people are trying to be peaceful, but since we already have more than 1 million people around Brazil protesting it is expected to see some violence.

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